TK 221 - 222



These courses are taken by all Turkish students except Turkish Language and Literature and Translation Studies students.

TK 221                                                     (2+0+0) 2

Theories of language, the emergence of language and language-culture relationship, Turkish Ural-Altay language family, the language which is the branch of linguistics that special attention should be given to the classification of four basic phonetics, morphology, syntax and semantics in Turkish language sound structure, word structure (suffix, root, trunk, etc.), grammatical topics such as sentence structure and the study of what has been Deciphered Decipherably to be taught during the semester (essays, poems, novels, short stories) are among the objectives of this course among the books of classical and contemporary Turkish authors.



TK 222                                                     (2+0+0) 2

Turkish expressing my article, identification, discussion and practical training for expression, punctuation, and Basic Rules of writing, spelling, and composition observed in the composition of students in the techniques of Correction of disorders of the expression and punctuation errors, reports, examples of the types of scientific writing such as articles, lectures and debates to give practical instruction in the oral studies and applications are covered in this section. In addition, the study of the books of classical and contemporary Turkish authors that were Decisively Deciphered to be read during the period (essays, poems, novels, short stories) is also among the objectives of this course.