Turkish Language Courses Coordination Unit

The Turkish Courses Coordinator provides TK 221 and TK 222 coded Turkish courses to all undergraduate students of our University, except for students in the departments of Turkish Language and Literature and Translation Studies. Turkish courses are two courses of two credits each completed in two semesters.

In our university, which teaches in a foreign language, the only ground where our students who do not have the opportunity to use their native language as a scientific language can complete this deficiency is considered to be Turkish courses. With the awareness of this task, our Turkish Courses Coordinator has aimed to draw a program based on text comprehension and writing studies in particular. Speaking and writing the language effectively for guiding the species-rich expressive methods, showing their comprehension, analysis, creative thinking and a critical review based on oral and written expression that enhances the power of a high language awareness, language aesthetic, which includes a language, hearing, taste and most importantly the native language of the course is to gain the love of one of the basic principles.